• Swerp Fitting Instructions

    New Swerp order insert & instructions have arrived

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    All orders will now be sent out with the new instruction and packaging inserts , These not only keep your newly purchased Swerp skin safe from a not so careful post man pat during transit but include instruction on how to fit your Swerp skin as well as how to get in touch with us and also show us your colour combination via instagram or twitter. With so many colour combinations available it would be great for customers to help out and share by taking pictures to create a iPhone look book of skins and colours to give other people inspiration and see what colours they fancy using for their iPhone Skin. Remember to hash tag #Swerped for any pictures or comments related to Swerp Skins on twitter or instagram. Hope you enjoy the new packaging Ben @ Swerp

  • Swerp iPhone Skin Offer

    Swerp now has a special gig on Fiverr.com

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    The Fiverr.com idea is simple , you pay $5 and in return someone provides a good or service. The gigs ( what a listing is known as on Fiverr) range from the amazingly useful to the downright wacky and just for fun but there is a place for everything as long as it’s available for the small amount of $5.  I liked the idea so have decided to jump on board and offer a Swerp Skin for $5 ( Plus $0.8 UK Postage and $1.80 international postage ) The quality of the skins has not changed and this is more of a offer as Swerp iPhone Skins are too good to be offered at that type of price so this is a limited time deal so take advantage and get one while you can ! It’s the same high quality product but just a little bit cheaper. The skins are …