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    Swerp is getting it’s May geek glasses on !

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    Giving out free geek glasses for your iPhone , iPad and Macbook is our way of celebrating the wonderful world of the geek ! We are giving out geek glasses sets out with every order placed during May 2013. So not only do you get a fantastic unique iPhone Skin set for your iPhone 4 , 4S or 5 but now you can customise your iPad and MacBook too absolutely FREE ! Embrace your inner hipster and give your family of Apple products a Geek make over and join the little Geek army !

  • Swerp iPhone Skin Offer

    Swerp now has a special gig on Fiverr.com

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    The Fiverr.com idea is simple , you pay $5 and in return someone provides a good or service. The gigs ( what a listing is known as on Fiverr) range from the amazingly useful to the downright wacky and just for fun but there is a place for everything as long as it’s available for the small amount of $5.  I liked the idea so have decided to jump on board and offer a Swerp Skin for $5 ( Plus $0.8 UK Postage and $1.80 international postage ) The quality of the skins has not changed and this is more of a offer as Swerp iPhone Skins are too good to be offered at that type of price so this is a limited time deal so take advantage and get one while you can ! It’s the same high quality product but just a little bit cheaper. The skins are …

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    2 New Matt iPhone Skin Colours Added !

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    Say hello to our new iPhone skin colour choices. This brings the combination total to a I can’t decide it’s too many total of 121 ! With even more Matt iPhone skin choices than ever before we have now updated the product page so you can view and select the combination that best suites your needs and get it ordered all with free UK delivery. So what are the new colours ?? We have Hot Pink ! Which is a slightly darker pink than we previously stocked which of course features the air free technology so that you get a perfect fit every time with your iPhone skin. We also have olive drab green , This will make your iPhone look like it’s ready for the battlefield with it’s army camouflage style and matt finish this is the perfect addition to the iPhone that needs a skin to help it stay undercover. …

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    What’s your style ? Choose between 81 Different Combo’s

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    We have finally tackled the task of getting all the options we have with our iPhone vinyl skin sets onto one page. So you  can now choose between all the colour options of the matt vinyl sets all on one page. With 81 colour combinations you have a lot of options to choose from. All the colours are made from our bubble free high quality vinyl and are precision cut for the iPhone 4 , 4S and 5. So it’s time to choose your style ! and stand out from the crowd

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    First Pictures of the new iPhone 5 skin

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    [hr] Check out the first picture of our iPhone 5 matt vinyl skin set. With yellow matt vinyl back and Green matt vinyl sides all cut out to the precise shape of the iPhone 5 so you get the look without the loosing any of the great iPhone 5 features and without any of the bulk of a case. 81 combinations to choose from will soon be up in the shop ! Taking pictures and getting them uploaded asap.

  • measuring-up-iphone5

    Time to measure up for the new arrival !

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    [hr] So it’s time for another generation of the iPhone , And apple like to keep us on our toes by just changing the dimensions around in their hugely succesful series , So now we have to go back and redesign and measure for our vinyl skin collection will fit perfectly to the new iPhone 5 with its bigger back panel and different button positions. We have developed a back panel with apple cut out including individual camera , flash and microphone holes so that you still get all the usability of the iPhone’s camera but added protection and colour to the back panel of the iPhone 5. The sides are very similar to the iPhone 4 , but the big changes come on the bottom of the iPhone 5 with the changed dock connector and headphone jack. We have developed the bottom strip to make it easy to still …