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When will my order be sent out

Your order will be dispatched the next working day as all skins displayed on the website are in stock.  If this for any reason is not the case we will get in touch with you tell you that there might be a slight delay with processing your order.

I don’t live in the UK can I still order from you ?

Yes !  We send order all over the world. But please be aware that orders to europe can take between 7-21 days and the rest of world can be anything from 7-30 days for orders to arrive.

Do you accept payments over the telephone ?

Sadly no , at this time we cannot process orders over the phone we can only accept order over our website.

How are they packed ?

The skins are packed in a plastic sealed bag and sent in a cardboard envelope to stop them becoming damaged during transit.

I have a case , can I still use it with a skin applied ?

This all depends on the case and how tight fitting the case is. As a rule we say no but if you have a silicone flexible case then it will fit happily over the skin without affecting at at all. But some of the tighter fitting plastic & metal bumpers can cause damage to the edges of the skin. With so many cases on the market it really is a try carefully and see situation.

What are they made from?

The skins are made from High quality vinyl with an amazing air release system built in so that you get bubble free results every time. The vinyl is precision cut for the iPhone and is designed for outdoor use and is very hard wearing.

How easy are they to apply ?

Clean your device , peal off the skin from its backing and line it up with the edges . Once it’s all lined up press it down firmly and that’s it ! Job done. No air bubbles to worry about removing due to the unique air release system built into the underside of the vinyl.

Do they leave residue when removed ?

No , If you become bored of your skin just peel up a corner and remove it and the device will look the same as when you put it on with no glue or sticky residue left behind.

Can they be taken off and re applied ?

We would say no , But if you are very careful at removing it and put it back on the backing paper that it came on then you can keep it and put it back on again but it is not designed to be taken on and off.

My skin arrived but it’s damaged ?

We are very sorry , These things can happen we are not perfect but if you get in touch with us via the contact form ( click here ) and tell us your name and order number we will get a replacement sent out to you and hopefully you will forgive us :)

My skin arrived but it’s not the one I ordered ?

We are very sorry , These things can happen we are not perfect but if you get in touch with us via the contact form ( click here ) and tell us your name and order number we will get the right colour combination / device skin sent out to you.

I want to buy a bulk order do you give discounts ?

Please get in touch we don’t have any discount structure currently set up but we love to haggle . Contact us ( here )

I want a device covering and it’s not an iPhone , do you do custom work ?

We love a challenge , Get in touch we might be interested in working with you and your project . Contact us ( here )

Do you sell just backs on their own and just sides on their own or do I have to buy a set with both in ?

We currently don’t have that facility set up on the website but it is something we are looking into.

I purchased a skin but it doesn’t fit correctly ?

Get in touch with us as we have designed and tested our skins for all the devices we supply skins for. We will be able to find out what the problem is and either get a replacement sent out to you or refund you for the skin you ordered. Contact us ( here )

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