Carbon Fibre iPhone Vinyl Set


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Product Description


If you’re going to spend all that money on the best tech you should cover and protect it with the best crabon iPhone vinyl skin , Which means you’re in luck because you have stumbled across just that in the form of the Swerp skin . Swerp skins are made from premium vinyl which is designed to cover exotic super cars so if its good enough to cover a Lamborghini it’s good enough to protect your tech from scratches. It incorporates air free technology which means that you don’t get air bubbles trapped underneath like other vinyl skins and so you get a perfect finish every time ! Which makes the skins amazingly simple to fit. If you ever get bored of your current carbon iPhone vinyl skin no need to panic about the skin leaving nasty glue residue as the vinyl can be pealed off leaving no trace it was ever even there.


What’s So Special About Our Vinyl ?

The vinyl used to make the Swerp carbon iPhone vinyl skin is very clever stuff , It incorporates small channels in the adhesive so that when you place it down and secure it no air can be trapped underneath creating nasty air bubbles. This means that you get a bubble free perfect finish every time with a Swerp skin !




What’s included ??

  • -Precision cut carbon iPhone vinyl skin rear with apple cut out
  • -Precision cut carbon iPhone vinyl skin side set
  • -Fitting Instructions



What are they made from?

The skins are made from high quality vinyl with an amazing air release system built in so that you get bubble free results every time. The precision cut vinyl is designed for outdoor use and is very hard wearing.

How easy are they to apply ?

Clean your device , peal off the skin from its backing and line it up with the edges . Once it’s all lined up press it down firmly and that’s it ! Job done. No air bubbles to worry about removing due to the unique air release system built into the underside of the vinyl.

Do they leave residue when removed ?

No , If you become bored of your skin just peel up a corner and remove it and the device will look the same as when you put it on with no glue or sticky residue.

Can they be taken off and re applied ?

We would say no , But if you are very careful removing it and put it back on the backing paper that it came on then you can keep it and put it back on again but it is not designed to be taken on and off.

More questions and answers are available on our full FAQ page , found here

Additional Information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 6 x 0.4 x 12 cm
iPhone Model

iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5

Carbon Colours Back

Black, White

Carbon Colours Sides

Black, White