Swerp now has a special gig on Fiverr.com

The Fiverr.com idea is simple , you pay $5 and in return someone provides a good or service. The gigs ( what a listing is known as on Fiverr) range from the amazingly useful to the downright wacky and just for fun but there is a place for everything as long as it’s available for the small amount of $5.  I liked the idea so have decided to jump on board and offer a Swerp Skin for $5 ( Plus $0.8 UK Postage and $1.80 international postage )

The quality of the skins has not changed and this is more of a offer as Swerp iPhone Skins are too good to be offered at that type of price so this is a limited time deal so take advantage and get one while you can ! It’s the same high quality product but just a little bit cheaper.

The skins are available for iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 models.