Time to measure up for the new arrival !


So it’s time for another generation of the iPhone , And apple like to keep us on our toes by just changing the dimensions around in their hugely succesful series , So now we have to go back and redesign and measure for our vinyl skin collection will fit perfectly to the new iPhone 5 with its bigger back panel and different button positions.

We have developed a back panel with apple cut out including individual camera , flash and microphone holes so that you still get all the usability of the iPhone’s camera but added protection and colour to the back panel of the iPhone 5.

The sides are very similar to the iPhone 4 , but the big changes come on the bottom of the iPhone 5 with the changed dock connector and headphone jack. We have developed the bottom strip to make it easy to still use the dock connector without interfering with the connection. The speakers ,microphone and headphones jack are also at the bottom and we have cut outs round these so that sound can still get in and out.

Using the best quality vinyl we can create the best quality iphone 5 skin sets. With 81 different combinations , we have the colour combination to suite any style and occasion.